Currently, access and use of the Grotto is limited almost exclusively for weddings, funerals, class-reunions and occasionally for high feast days.  Those wishing to use the Grotto would have to seek permission through St Vincent DePaul and DePaul housing and management authority.  A security person would also need to be hired to ensure the safety of the housing residents by standing at the door connecting the Grotto with the DePaul apartments during the Grotto’s use.

The 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, Friends of the VI Grotto, Inc, with Bishop Ed Sharfenberger’s approval, is working on a lease agreement with the DePaul housing apartments and has laid all the groundwork to begin fundraising for the Grotto’s restoration.  The first necessity is to build a back wall and mandatory second exit behind the Grotto, bringing it up to current fire code. This wall and exit would provide a handicap entrance for the Grotto and separate the Grotto and the DePaul housing apartments, therefore protecting the apartment’s residents.

Once the back wall and entrance way is completed, the Grotto will be able to open it’s doors to the public for the Sacraments, Rosaries, Adoration and events more frequently.  Until then, Friends of the VI Grotto, Inc plans on coordinating with the DePaul Apartments to soon open and hold First Saturday Devotions at the Grotto as we fund raise.  We will be posting progress and restoration updates here, as well as information regarding when the Grotto will be open.  Your prayers in this regard are very much appreciated.  O Immaculate Conception, Pray for us!


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