Restoring the Grotto and reviving this Albany Marian Shrine as a place for catholic worship can only be made possible with your prayers and generosity!

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Your tax deductible contribution will go directly towards funding the following Grotto needs:




◊ The high altar with Celtic furnishings and lovely mosaics immediately grabs your attention as it displays the tabernacle.  A professional cleaning would help to emphasize and preserve its magnificence.

◊ What would a Lourdes Chapel be without a fount of healing water? V.I. students reminisce of the peaceful sound of water gently trickling from beneath the statue of Our Lady.  With a fount of the actual Lourdes’ healing spring water, this chapel could become a beautiful place of pilgrimage for those experiencing illness and unable to travel to the Lourdes Shrine in France.
In order for the sound of the water to once again echo through the walls of this Grotto, the entire fount mechanism needs to be replaced.

◊ The painted glass windows in the Grotto are exquisite and transform the glare of daylight into an envelopment of reverence and solemnity. Their current state does no justice to how bright and uplifting they could once again become with a cleaning and tightening. The outer plexiglas also needs to be replaced in order to protect the windows and allow more daylight to pass through. Together, this is estimated to be a $25,000 expense.

◊ The Grotto’s wood carved confessionals have endured the last century in great shape, offering a safe place for thousands to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation.  In order to maintain their use and beauty, their screens need to be replaced and the wood needs to be rehydrated and oiled.

◊ After all the wiring has been upgraded, in order to light up the Grotto and all of its artistic gems, the lights for the altar and stations of the cross need to be replaced.  New lights also need to be placed over the Blessed Mother in the cove and the vestibule statues.

◊ Let us honor those who fought for our country with a professional cleaning of the vestibule 1950 shrine of Our Lady of Peace and the plaques dedicated to parishioners who had served in WWII.

◊ Restoring and preserving the historic unique details of the grotto to ensure its longevity for generations to come is also a priority.  It would require cleaning the brass fixtures, mosaics and statues, retouching the painted wood, striping, repairing and refinishing the cork floors, and replacing the angel light coverings with glass.


◊ The outside of this hidden grotto also needs an upgrade in order to be easily identified and given the proper respect.  Currently, the corner of Yates and Ontario where the grotto entrance is located, isn’t well lit during the night.  Bright LED lighting with timers would change that, and allow activities at the Grotto to continue even when it gets dark out.

◊ An outdoor display case for posting information on events, activities, and updates would help keep visitors informed and involved.  An electronic card entrance would ensure the safety of visitors and protect the Grotto in anticipation for a time when the grotto may hold perpetual adoration through the night.

◊ In order to preserve and protect the chapel, some additional plans for the exterior include cleaning the marble perimeter, realigning the front stoop, and enclosing the side door entrance and outside step with a fence.

◊ An awning made of copper or rod iron and a duplicate inside door for the exterior would help to identify the grotto from the outside, as well as hint of its beauty within.

Additional Costs

◊ Updating the Sacristy

◊ Fix swinging interior doors

◊ New lighting in foyer

◊ New Altar rug

◊ Vestments – 2 full Sets with cope and humeral veils (1 simple and 1 solemn)

◊ New runners/carpets in vestibule

◊ New Organ designed for the tune and pitch of the chapel $150,000

◊ A/C Unit $150,000


Total Cost Estimates = $850,000