The Vincentian was started in 1932 as the school’s first annual professionally printed, student literary magazine.  Here are some snippets, of how the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Catholic faith, their beloved school and the Grotto permeated VI student’s work throughout the years.

1943 Vincentian Vol XI

A Moment in the Grotto by Elvera Triolo

Our Lady by Doris McAllister and artwork by Doris McAllister

Joseph Most Chaste by Joseph Powers and artwork by Catherine Leach

Vincentian by William F. Maloney

1944 Vincentian Vol XII

Another Trysting Place (Part 1) by Marion Kuehn and Lavina Reedy
Artwork by Kathleen Miller

Another Tysting Place (Part 2) by Marion Kuehn and Lavina Reedy

The Lovely Lady by Mary Martin

The One Who Smiled by Carolyn Passenger

Heaven’s Queen by Dorothy Downs

1945 Vincentian Vol XIII

Now and at the Hour of Our Death by Joanne Braun and artwork by Mary Hoenig

1948 Vincentian Vol XVI

Artwork by Alan Hahn

Lady of the Grotto by George Kahnle and Drawing by R. Lubineki

1949 Vincentian Vol XVII

Our Lady of Fatima Unsigned artwork

Our Lady of Fatima by Marilyn Feehan

1958 Vinentian Vol XXVI

Grotto by Nancy Harrigan

Love by Edward Popkoski

Thy Face, Dear Mother by John O’Donnell

Our Lady of the Grotto by Ann Marino, Artwork unsigned

Our Lady of the Grotto by Ann Marino (Part II)

Then by Mary Sawyer, Artwork by Shawnee

The Heart of Vincentian by Linda Zucchelli

1960 Vincentian Vol XXVIII

Mater Dolorosa by Mary Kay Murphy

Font of Hope by Nicholas Guarriello

If you have any copies of The Vincentian with work regarding the Grotto or VI and would like to share, please email an image to  Thank you!